Present Sense Impressions

Please bear with me as I work out all the kinks in the site like getting the right domain and trying to get other things set up (like figuring out how to get a plug in for pinning pictures and a recipe index!) I’m still also trying to figure out what I want these Present Sense Impressions to be. I’m thinking they will just be kind of like a stream of consciousness where I share things that I’m obsessing over lately, recipes I’m drooling over, and basically my life in general. It will be different from The Docket, as The Docket will generally be what’s going on in MY life, kind of like a “day in the life” type deal, where as the Present Sense Impressions will be more of a sharing platform where I send you to other cool websites and blogs to enjoy the things I’m enjoying at that moment.

Sweetapolita’s Cookbook! OMG y’all I cannot tell you how excited I am for this to come out. It’s coming out April 7, 2015 just over a week after our wedding (March 28). I swear it’s like a wedding present! This is an actual conversation that occurred between Matt and myself:

OinK Twitter

NC Family Matters. This is my other blog. I use it to write to people in North Carolina who are interested in issues surrounding family law (custody, divorce, etc.). It is not intended to give legal advice but just provides some basic information and other interesting family things (there is a Strange Stories category I highly recommend!)

Weight Watchers popsicles– obsessed with these. The latte ones are alright but the raspberry dark chocolate are absolutely incredible and I could eat like 5 a day. I’ve restrained myself to no more than one a day and I’m super proud of myself for this accomplishment.  Also, binge-watching House, M.D. on Netflix (see background). Now I’m on season 7 so basically at the end and it’s 1

My favorite snack…like ever.  Grapes and cherries.  So easy, so juicy and absolutely refreshing every 2

Chingy Pandora Radio…that’s right I said it. Throw back for real. If you graduated high school between 2002-2006, this is my gift to you…you are welcome.

Pinterest Hoarding–Y’all seriously. I have over 12k pins. I have a serious pinterest hoarding problem. At least they are broken into super specific categories and are alphabetized (for the most part!) All food categories start with Noms and there are several of them to say the least. I’m hoping maybe something good can come of this as I share more of my amazing finds with all of you!

I’m loving this post from A Beautiful Mess about all kinds of projects you can make with Paper… I actually have an entire Pinterest board devoted to paper flowers and have TWO paper flower books–I’m hoping to make something very fun and cool for our wedding, but we shall see how that turns out!

Fox Liquor Bar Raleigh— We went there on Saturday night and just had one drink.  We will be back.  We are hooked on the amazing choices of posh drinks.  There were some downsides, like having to wait in line to get in, and the cocktails costing a whopping $11 a pop, but seriously they were worth it.  We both got the Kentucky Maid and I would highly recommend.  The menus are in these sleek little metal binders.  The bartenders are courteous and even took a straw to taste each drink (just a drop) to make sure it was good.  Like on Top Chef when they have to “taste” their food.  It was superb and I felt like they really knew what they were doing (which isn’t surprising given that Ashley Christensen owns several restaurants in Raleigh and recently won a James Beard Award).  Next time I want to try the Grapefruit Collins, the Queens Park Swizzle or the Hemingway Daiquiri.  They also serve their drinks in these amazing glasses and with funky ice cubes.  The ice cubes we had on Saturday night were basically like icebergs.  All of the accoutrements on the bar looked super fresh and the taste was phenomenal.  I highly recommend!

Fox Liquor Bar Fox Liquor Bar Fox Liquor Bar Fox Liquor Bar Fox Liquor Bar

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