Bridesmaids Boxes

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Boxes by OinKSoooo, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, and since I’ve been SERIOUSLY neglecting this little blog of mine, I will share a little news…we’re engaged!!  I’m incredibly excited!  We are getting married March 28, 2015 and I’m very much looking forward to it!  Because we are having a somewhat small wedding (100 invites), our bridal party is small as well.  It includes my sister, Matt’s sister, and two of my closest girlfriends.

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Pressure Cooker Beef Stew

Pressure Cooker Beef Stew by OinK

Oh y’all I’m addicted…  I have a serious obsession with my pressure cooker.  I’ve been wanting one ever since I taught the pressure cooking class at Williams-Sonoma back in the fall!  I finally got myself one and I’m in love with it.  You can find one here.  I sincerely wish I had one of these to give away to you, because they are seriously amazing… Maybe Cuisinart will hear my plea, and offer one up but no pressure (LOL pun totally unintentional but awesome so I’m keeping it)

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Lobsters and a Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

How To Cook a Lobster

Remember when I told you about my New Year’s Resolutions?  And how my friend Marnely from Cooking with Books and I had made a resolution to cook a live lobster (after humanely killing it, of course)?  Well, we set a deadline of end of January to do so, so I needed to find a live lobster ASAP.

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American Flag Cake for the 4th of July!

American Flag Cake for the 4th of July

This blog post will be rather quick, as I have a lot of work to do for Bar Exam stuff, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July!!  Happy Birthday America! This year, I decided to try out the “American Flag Cake” created by 17 and Baking with a great version by Glorious Treats.  Below, I have included an instructional video on how to make and assemble the cake, and it’s a nice way for you to get to know me better!  Please check it out!  I will also post some pictures from the process and let you know how it went.  The picture above is after the cake had melted for about 3-4 hours so if you served it cold it probably wouldn’t be so messy but sometimes I think messy is more beautiful than perfect. Continue reading