Fee SIMPLE Friday: Pasta with Chard and Kale

Pasta with Chard and Kale by Order in the Kitchen

This week on Fee SIMPLE Fridays: an easy recipe that you can actually manage to handle any night during the week (but especially on Fridays when you are exhausted after a long week!)  Bonus: It’s a pasta that fills you up but doesn’t make you feel like you weigh 1000 lbs afterwards.  LOVE.this. Continue reading

Turkey Sausage and Kale Pasta

Turkey Sausage and Kale PastaHey guys!  Again please forgive my absence!  A lot has happened in the last few weeks!  I signed up for a freaking FULL marathon.  Like a crazy person.  I’m still trying to watch what I eat and come up with healthier things to eat.  This is certainly a good one and I’ll be using it again.  My favorite part is that it’s a one-pan wonder (except for the pot you have to use for cooking the pasta…but the rest can all be done in a single frying pan).  Read on for the Verdict to see more about how much I liked this recipe, and how my co-workers liked it as well! Continue reading