Fee SIMPLE Friday: Boozy Berries with Ricotta

Boozy Berries with Ricotta by Order in the Kitchen

This week on Fee SIMPLE Fridays: an easy recipe that you can whip up to celebrate the Fourth of July and impress your holiday guests with minimal effort! The flavor combination in this is amazing and it’s so fresh! Make sure you get the best berries available (I would hesitate to encourage you to get frozen for this, whereas in other recipes I don’t necessarily think that would make a huge difference). Please try this and let me know what you think! Happy Fourth!!! Continue reading

Amazing Asparagus

Amazing Asparagus by OinK

Hey guys!  I’m back after a little hiatus… crazy holidays, lots of stuff going on at work and was sick all week!  I just had to tell you about this asparagus.  My Aunt Beth made it for Christmas Dinner and it was the biggest hit at the table.  I immediately harassed her via text for the recipe and she sent it to me right away (she’s a sweetheart!)… Continue reading

Watcha gobbling about? Turkeys?

Roasted Turkey Breast

Sorry for the dork-fest post title, it’s just from one of my favorite shows, New Girl, which, if you don’t watch it already, you definitely should and it’s all available on Hulu.  So Matt and I were discussing how deli turkey just doesn’t cut it sometimes.  Sometimes you want the real thing.  And by real thing I mean the thing that you are normally only lucky to have once a year? Black Friday.  The perfect Turkey Sandwich with real turkey meat and not some processed sliced turkey sitting in water or some other liquid wrapped in a plastic container (and it won’t expire for like a month?? Weird).   Continue reading

Certified Steak and Seafood: Review and Giveaway

Surf & Turf

Hey everyone!  Thanks for bearing with me on my hiatus lately, I’ve had a LOT happening and have barely had a chance to come up for air.  Anyway, I HAD to make time to make this post because I have something awesome to share with you guys… a giveaway!

The lovely folks at Certified Steak and Seafood sent me a gift certificate so that I could try some of their amazing product, and they are doing the same for one lucky Order in the Kitchen reader! Continue reading

Rosemary and Sage Rack of Lamb

Rosemary and Sage Rack of Lamb

Happy Easter weekend everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekends!  I got a long weekend off from work, which I’m fully enjoying as a relaxing 3 days and doing pretty much as little as possible.  Sometimes you just have to recharge ya know?  Anyway, I made this rack of lamb a few nights ago and thought I would share it with you in the event that you haven’t decided what to make for Easter dinner yet.

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St. Paddy’s Day Pot of Gold Mini-Cakes

St. Paddy's Day Pot of Gold Mini-Cakes

Hey y’all… I’m doing the holiday thing early (or right on time, in blogger world).  I realize that I posted my 4th of July cake ON the 4th of July, and my holiday cookies on December 30th (oy vey) and that does not give readers enough time to make these holiday items for the actual holiday (unless they have a time machine…if you do, please let me know).  I wanted to make mini-cakes for St. Paddy’s day that reminded me (and hopefully you too!) of little lucky pots of gold!  (I have recently been informed that it is actually St. PADDY’s day and not St. Patty’s day…learn something new every day huh?!)
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