Fee SIMPLE Friday: Boozy Berries with Ricotta

Boozy Berries with Ricotta by Order in the Kitchen

This week on Fee SIMPLE Fridays: an easy recipe that you can whip up to celebrate the Fourth of July and impress your holiday guests with minimal effort! The flavor combination in this is amazing and it’s so fresh! Make sure you get the best berries available (I would hesitate to encourage you to get frozen for this, whereas in other recipes I don’t necessarily think that would make a huge difference). Please try this and let me know what you think! Happy Fourth!!! Continue reading

Kir Royale Cupcakes

Kir Royale Cupcakes

Well, as promised, I made Champagne Cupcakes!  I had promised to make this in the exciting event that I passed the North Carolina Bar Exam, and lucky for you (AND ME!) I passed and made treats for you all to celebrate with me!  One of my favorite cocktails in the world is a Kir Royale.  I discovered this delicious cocktail at Christmas last year and thought that transforming them into a dessert would be an absolute delight!

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