Baby Boy Stanley (Gender Reveal!)

Gender Reveal Cake from Order in the Kitchen

Welcome Baby Boy Stanley to the world!!!

Hello little one!  We are so happy that you are here! :)  My colleague, Laura, has just had her baby and thanks to my ridiculously poor blogging efforts, I failed to post the gender reveal party cake that I made for her many months ago when we first found out the gender of her little baby.  Here are the pictures from making the cake and the gender reveal party we had for her at work.  Now that you know it’s a boy, it may not be quite as secretive and exciting, but I had the best time making this cake!

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Piña Colada Celebration Cake

Piña Colada Celebration Cake

Oh hey y’all.  It’s me.  Lynn.  Yes, I still exist and am aware of the existence of this blog.  I’m the worst I know, I haven’t posted to this blog in months.  YES months.  How.embarrassing.  I could go on and on with excuses about where I have been but the truth is, sometimes life just gets in the way.   Continue reading

My version of the “Best Birthday Cake”

OinK's version of the "Best Birthday Cake"

SOOOO my co-worker and friend, Ashley was having a birthday and I figured, why get her a store-bought cake when I could make one especially for her?  Her favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting, and fortunately, I stumbled across this.  Smitten Kitchen’s “Best Birthday Cake”.  I used her exact recipe, so I won’t post it here, but it turned out amazing…especially the frosting, which wasn’t too sweet but had an incredible flavor!   Continue reading

My One Year Blogiversary, Birthday and Housewarming! (How to Throw a Pinterest Housewarming Party!)

How to Throw a Pinterest Housewarming Party!

Hey y’all, it’s been awhile!  Last week and this week have been very exciting and busy!  I had my birthday last Thursday, our housewarming party on Saturday and today is my One Year Blogiversary!!!  I can’t believe that a year ago, I started this little old blog and began this awesome journey.  I’ve met so many incredible people and have made some great friends (some who I’ve even met in real life!)  I’ve loved it so much and I wish I was making something awesome to celebrate, but I have been dying to show y’all what I made for the housewarming and the cake I did for my birthday, so I think I’ll share that instead… I hope that’s okay with y’all :) Continue reading

St. Paddy’s Day Pot of Gold Mini-Cakes

St. Paddy's Day Pot of Gold Mini-Cakes

Hey y’all… I’m doing the holiday thing early (or right on time, in blogger world).  I realize that I posted my 4th of July cake ON the 4th of July, and my holiday cookies on December 30th (oy vey) and that does not give readers enough time to make these holiday items for the actual holiday (unless they have a time machine…if you do, please let me know).  I wanted to make mini-cakes for St. Paddy’s day that reminded me (and hopefully you too!) of little lucky pots of gold!  (I have recently been informed that it is actually St. PADDY’s day and not St. Patty’s day…learn something new every day huh?!)
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A very special cake for a very special Birthday Girl!

A very special cake for a very special Birthday Girl!Yesterday, my friend Marina had a birthday.  I won’t tell you how old she is but I’ll tell you that she is definitely a glamour girl… a princess… a girl who loves to and deserved to party in style.  So nothing felt more right than making her a glittery, girly, princess-y cake!  I had been brainstorming for weeks.  Planning and pinning the best ideas I had found and inspiration for what I wanted to create for her.  If you don’t know what I mean by pinning, here you go.  You’re welcome.  {Don’t blame me when you get addicted…just warning you}

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