Last Minute White Bean Dip

OinK White Bean Dip

I don’t even know where to begin.  So much going on in my life right now.  Training for a marathon being one of them.  Some family issues being another, but all in all I’m just insanely busy right now.  Last weekend, Matt and I had a pot-luck dinner at his former boss’s house.  Since this is our third or fourth dinner there, and I’ve always brought something tasty, there have been some built-up expectations of me.  Unfortunately, with my crazy busy schedule, I seriously could not even conceive of having the energy to go to the grocery store to make something on Thursday night when I had court Friday morning (the party was Friday night). Continue reading

My One Year Blogiversary, Birthday and Housewarming! (How to Throw a Pinterest Housewarming Party!)

How to Throw a Pinterest Housewarming Party!

Hey y’all, it’s been awhile!  Last week and this week have been very exciting and busy!  I had my birthday last Thursday, our housewarming party on Saturday and today is my One Year Blogiversary!!!  I can’t believe that a year ago, I started this little old blog and began this awesome journey.  I’ve met so many incredible people and have made some great friends (some who I’ve even met in real life!)  I’ve loved it so much and I wish I was making something awesome to celebrate, but I have been dying to show y’all what I made for the housewarming and the cake I did for my birthday, so I think I’ll share that instead… I hope that’s okay with y’all :) Continue reading

Swedish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs

When I was a kid, one of my au pairs, Anna, was from Sweden.  She used to make these phenomenal Swedish meatballs for me and I have been itching to cook these ever since I launched this blog.  Whenever I see Swedish meatballs in restaurants, however, they are meatballs covered in gravy… definitely not the way Anna used to make them.  she and I are still quite close and so I finally asked her if I could have the recipe. Continue reading

Panko-Fried Heirloom Tomatoes con Caprese and a Boiled “Poached” Egg


So I’ve been trying to figure out what my next post would be because, as I mentioned before, my GoogleDocs is starting to pile up with things I’ve been making lately, with the lack of time I have to post on here. Continue reading

Beth’s Baked Brie

Every Christmas and Thanksgiving, my Aunt Beth would make this Baked Brie and everyone would hover around it until it was all gone.  Then it kind of disappeared for awhile until this Christmas… when it made an amazing comeback.  So when the time came for me to bring something to our girls poker night, I knew exactly what I wanted to bring.  My Aunt Beth always makes this with a round block of brie in a pie dish, unfortunately, Harris Teeter only had triangle pieces so I had to be creative.  I used 3 triangle blocks and it turned out to be just as delicious as a round block!  So without further ado… Continue reading