10-Day Detox Review

10 Day Detox ReviewHello all!  I apologize for my extended absence.  I had really lost the motivation to post on here for awhile because I was having such a difficult time with posting things, that I just really didn’t feel up to doing it anymore.  Basically, for the last few years I’ve been operating with a PC, which I hate, because my Mac had died (after 6 years of incredible use).  I was so used to using my Mac to blog, that this change felt incredibly burdensome.  When I had a Mac, I could plug in my phone, the pics would upload automatically, and then I would be able to quickly upload them to the blog.  It didn’t work quite so easily with the PC.  I found myself emailing the pictures to myself (4 at a time usually!) and then downloading them to the computer, then searching endlessly for them in my downloads folder.  All just to post one blog post.  Too much!  So fortunately, I’m hoping my problems have been solved!

I bought a MacBook Air and I’m loving it so far.  I’ve already been able to upload all the pics for all of my blogposts that I’ve been wanting to do for the past couple months and can finally share them with the world (ok, my readers, but still!)  I’ve basically been using Instagram as a pseudo-blog to keep my readers posted on what’s going on and that’s really just not sufficient.  One of my “instablogs” was the 10 Day Detox that I did in March.  I posted pics every day of what I was eating and how the detox was going.  I won’t bore you with the day-to-day happenings of this detox, but I did promise to blog about it and let people know what my experience with it was.10 Day Detox Review

The Verdict:  Overall, I think it was a good experience to go through, but I’m not sure if I would do it again.  I lost 3 pounds (that I didn’t really need to lose… I really just need to tone up, meaning I need to exercise but I’m a lazy bum now so that hasn’t happened for awhile).  Those 3 pounds came back probably within a week of finishing up the detox.  The book and commentary on the message-boards indicate that people who did have weight to lose lost weight, some more than 10 pounds!  This seems like a lot to lose in 10 days to me, but I can see how it happened!  I probably wouldn’t go through it again unless I really had a substantial amount of weight to lose.  I felt too deprived.  On this detox, you are detoxing from sugar and processed foods.  You are not allowed to have sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy or beans.  Basically torture.  I love coffee, and bagels, and greek yogurt, and cheese, and pasta, and I can go all day…

I did find that the second day was absolute torture.  I think that was the day I was withdrawing from caffeine.  I had to go home and take a four hour nap.  By day 5 I felt great.  I had a ton of energy and just felt lighter in general.  I think I may have a slight intolerance for dairy or gluten, but I also think I’m too in love with both of those things to do the experiment to find out which one I have an intolerance for.  I have basically just tried to cut back on both, but I’m not cutting them out.  If you are STILL interested in this detox, feel free to read below for a more detailed look at the detox.

Here’s the basic run down: you get a shake for breakfast, a salad or one of the soups from the book, and a specific dinner with a recipe in the book (there are some exceptions to this that I’ll get into in a minute).  You also take a bunch of supplements… I mean A BUNCH!10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review

But before you get to do all of that, you have to go shopping.  The cost of all of the things I needed ended up costing around $350 for 10 days worth of meals which isn’t altogether horrible if you think of it as $35 per day and you are getting 3 meals plus snacks.  But still… it’s a pretty penny, and it’s something to consider before deciding to embark on this.

10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review 10 Day Detox Review

10 Day Detox Review


As far as the shakes go, I found these to be wretched.  I finally found two that were palatable but in general they were pretty awful.  The first day I had one that was green and it was basically the worst thing I’ve ever had.  Then I tried another green one and it was equally awful.  I could keep down the strawberry almond one and the other shake that had a multitude of fruits in it, but the greens are NOT for me!


Below are more of the shakes:


10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review 10 Day Detox Review 10 Day Detox Review

You get a morning snack which consists of nuts, which I thoroughly enjoyed (love almonds!)  I would also pack the salad nuts in the same bag just to save some time.10 Day Detox Review

10 Day Detox Review

You then get lunch, which consists of either a salad or one of the soups from the book.  The salad can have 2 cups greens, 1-2 cups veggies, 4-6 oz protein, and healthy fats (either 1/4 avocado or some nuts), and you make your own dressing.  I decided from day 1 that I was only going to do the salads and not the soups because, hello, aint nobody got time for that.  Well come day 7 I thought I would vomit if I had one more EFFING salad, so I made the cauliflower soup and it was actually really good.  I added curry to make it more delicious and it was definitely a good call!.  I had it for a couple days, then went back to salads.

10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review

10 Day Detox Review 10 Day Detox Review

You get an afternoon snack too which consists of veggies and one of the dips in the book.  I made the homemade hummus and the spinach basil pesto.  Both were phenomenal and I highly recommend!

Dinners were varied and most were good.  There were a couple days when I didn’t like the “menu” and the book gives you an alternative to eat 4-6 oz protein and non-starchy veg, so I did that on 3 out of the 10 nights.  Here are the dinners I made and ate:

10 Day Detox Review  10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review  10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review  10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review  10 Day Detox Review  10 Day Detox Review  10 Day Detox Review10 Day Detox Review       10 Day Detox Review


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