Watcha gobbling about? Turkeys?

Roasted Turkey Breast

Sorry for the dork-fest post title, it’s just from one of my favorite shows, New Girl, which, if you don’t watch it already, you definitely should and it’s all available on Hulu.  So Matt and I were discussing how deli turkey just doesn’t cut it sometimes.  Sometimes you want the real thing.  And by real thing I mean the thing that you are normally only lucky to have once a year? Black Friday.  The perfect Turkey Sandwich with real turkey meat and not some processed sliced turkey sitting in water or some other liquid wrapped in a plastic container (and it won’t expire for like a month?? Weird).  




So anyway, I had some time to spare, which is incredibly rare for me.  A day off is a fantastic blessing in my life, so I use it to make turkey for “real turkey” sandwiches for Matt all week.  Yum-my.

I stayed pretty traditional and just roasted the breast in a roasting pan (okay that’s a total lie, I had to use a casserole dish because I don’t actually OWN a roasting pan… but whatever, plenty of people out there don’t own them and they deserve turkey too!)  So basically what I did is rubbed the turkey breast with about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (olive oil would be fine too but olive oil has a distinct flavor so I opted for a flavorless oil).  I then slathered the oiled turkey with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme and tucked some sage leaves (four to be exact) into the tressing string.  I made it look super fancy by alternating the strings (over-under) for the sage leaves and that step is probably totally unnecessary.

Roasted Turkey BreastRoasted Turkey BreastRoasted Turkey Breast


The first time I tried this recipe, I browned the turkey on all sides, few minutes per side in a pan that had already been heated to medium-high with a few tablespoons of vegetable oil, waiting until it started steaming before adding the turkey in to brown.  This really is probably completely unnecessary, as I did not do so this time around and it was still browned on the outside, just not as much.

After that, I transferred the turkey to my “roasting pan” and roasted it at 350 for an hour, then flipped it over and roasted it for another hour.


I took it out of the oven and let it rest at least 20 minutes before slicing it (with a Chef’s knife… I don’t own a carving knife either… it’s almost hard to believe that I worked at Williams-Sonoma and don’t own these things but you are talking to a girl on a budget here!)

Roasted Turkey Breast

So that’s how I got the “real” turkey to make real turkey sandwiches for the whole week.  It was so easy and I highly recommend you boost your lunches up this way.  Takes minimal effort and results in a very yummy sandwich!  Tonight I served up the turkey with Smitten Kitchen’s Sweet Potatoes with Pecans and Goat Cheese.  Scrumptious!Roasted Turkey Breast

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