Happy 3rd Birthday Puppy!


Puppy Birthday


Sooooo, exciting news!  Little Muggsy turned 3 years old!  3 whole years old! I’ve heard that this is when dogs start calming down, but I don’t really see that happening with this one any time soon.  I decided to make some simple sugar cookies (not for her…she got to eat treats and some steak plus a new toy!).  I wanted to make them look like her toys and so I picked her two faves!  She LOVES her FETCH ball (so much so that she has already chewed off the blue FETCH letters off!) and her KONG toy.  Read on for more!

The birthday girl!



Puppy Birthday

First, I baked off and cooled the sugar cookies.  Then, I made some royal icing.  I divided the royal icing into four batches, two larger and two smaller.  I then colored the batches using my favorite Americolor Gels.  Seriously, I love those things… a couple drops and you have beautiful intense color (eh-em see below!)  To make the green I did one drop of leaf green and one drop of yellow.  The KONG blue was the sky blue and the FETCH blue was the royal blue.

Puppy Birthday

Now for an up-close shot!Puppy Birthday

The birthday girl had a BLAST on her bday!  Filled with cuddles and naps and helping mommy in the kitchen.

Puppy Birthday

All in all it was a success… see how much she loves her new toy?  She cannot get enough of it!Puppy Birthday

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