We MOOved! Cow cookies and the big move!

We've Mooved Cow Cookies from OinKWell folks, we did it!  We finally took the plunge and moved to Raleigh.  Matt can now walk to work, and our new place is just lovely (I will post pics below).  On the same day we moved, I got a job *yay!* at a firm ten minutes from our new place…fate or what?  Anywayyyy I was feeling slightly cheesy and so I decided to make some cookies celebrating our move but wanted to make them Cow-Themed so that they could say we “MOOved”…I know, I’m a dork…but at least I don’t deny it.I made these cookies with the simple sugar cookie recipe given by the lovely Sweetapolita on her blog…I just adore this recipe and so I use it a lot.  I used fondant to do both the white and black and also for the letters.  I used a pre-made fondant (Satin Ice), which is good but it’s insanely sweet.  I found it to be far too sweet and could only eat like a quarter of a cookie.  I preferred the marshmallow homemade fondant I made for Marina’s birthday cake because I had used lemon extract to cut the sweetness and so it wasn’t too sweet like these.  I used these little letter cookie cutters that I got from Williams-Sonoma, and they worked great for the most part…I had a hard time with the Os and the Ds (Because you have to cut the middle part out) so they look a little wonky and I think I preferred the cookies as just the plain cow pattern, but nevertheless I stuck with the letters because they were fun.

Here’s how I did the cow cookies:We've Mooved Cow Cookies from OinK
The Elements:
Your favorite sugar cookie recipe
Fondant of any kind (I would say one batch of marshmallow would be enough–I used the bin of Satin Ice and had a ton left over)
Royal Icing (just a bit for “glue”)
Food Coloring (not cheap stuff from the grocery store), I prefer Americolor but if you have another favorite that’s perfectly fine too!

I took the same circle cookie cutter that I used to make the cookies (Medium-large round) and cut out circles of white fondant that I had rolled out.  Once I had all the white rounds, I “glued” them on using a little royal icing.  I took the remaining fondant and separated it in half (try to follow this one guys hah, but I had lots left over so don’t worry too much about the proportions).  Then I took half of the leftover fondant and dyed it black with my Americolor gels (LOVE times 100).  I used really strange cookie cutters (lobster, moose, and lighthouse) to make the funky black shapes and just played with them a bit to get them to look natural…cows don’t have perfect patterns so the cookies shouldn’t either!

We've Mooved Cow Cookies from OinK


Directions for the Letters:
Take the remaining half of the fondant and divide it into however many colors you want to use (I did 3) and then knead in the food gel to get the desired color before rolling out your fondant.  I found it very helpful to have everything greased with shortening and a little powdered sugar… it made it a bit easier to get the letters to come out.  They definitely didn’t come out perfect, but that’s okay…the whole point of this is a learning experience and I definitely had fun doing it!

The Verdict:We've Mooved Cow Cookies from OinK
The cookies came out cute but could have been better if I had fully mastered getting the letters to come out properly :(  Also I thought they were wayyy too sweet.  I think you could get the same cow look with royal icing and you wouldn’t need all that fondant, but you live and you learn right?  Again, I think if you use your own fondant, you can cut the sweetness a bit or you may be able to do that we the pre-made one, by kneading it in (although that seems like a lot of extra work).  As for the apartment??  We love it so far… I’ve added pictures below for you to see it :)


Right when you walk in the door, out beautiful key rack from anthropologie! love it (and totally impressed with my handy abilities of installing it all on my own!)

OinK at Home


The living room:


OinK at Home

Bookshelf re-purposed a bit to hold cookbooks, vases, food props, etc. and the top serves as a bar!



OinK at Home


Below:  cupcake stand up close, kitchen cart to hold my most used items (plus KA Stand Mixer), Stove/Oven with magnetic knife strip and my Magimix Vision Toaster, and my lovely gigantic pantry!!! Makes my old pantry seem like a total nightmare (which it was!)! 



OinK at HomeOinK at Home

OinK at HomeOinK at Home


The Island!  Re-purposed a cupcake stand to be the fruit and veggie bowl…then used a mini-cake stand to hold our soap, dish soap, and lotion


OinK at Home

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