Things that Make me Leap for Joy this Leap Year!

Hey y’all!  Happy Leap Year!! This is so fun that we have one this year!  I mean they only come once every four years, so we have to make the best of it right?  I’m going to make the best of it by sharing some things that make me Leap for Joy this Leap Year!  

1. YOU!  I’ve loved getting to know so many wonderful people in the blogging/twitter/instagram community and this has really made my leap year.  I’ve enjoyed so much getting to know all of you and appreciate you!  If you want to know more about me, head on over to the About Me section or check out my recent interview with Kimm from Sweetness Catering.  Hi Kimm!

2. We just got back from an amazing trip to Hawaii.  I’m not really leaping for joy about being back, but I’m certainly grateful I got to go!

3. My precious little Muggsy does NOT have Ringworm.  When we got back from the trip, her little bitty rash on her belly had turned into a huge red ring/rash covering a pretty sizable portion of her belly.  I tweeted to the twitter community hoping for answers and got really panicked it was ringworm.  It turns out that she just had a little infection and that her licking it constantly was making it worse.  I’m proud to report that after 4 days of the cone of shame and her meds, the rash is going away!

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4. We’re moving.  Thank goodness!  We are moving to a new place in Raleigh and getting out of our old place (which has a slew of problems I won’t bore you with).  But what really makes me leap for joy is that this has given me an opportunity to completely re-organize our lives and plan for the move to ensure that our new home is just as we want it.  I made a pinterest board and everything… I told you I was obsessed.
I bought matching jars for everything in our pantry and am prepared to label them (once the decal paper arrives) as I mentioned in this post.  (The link for the jars brings you to the set of 2 but if you have a World Market near you I’d suggest going to get them because you can buy them individually and then get the quantities of whatever sizes you want and not be limited because of sets).  Also, I bought a mini spice rack to hold things like popcorn, choclates, and oatmeal, and then used a wire basket to hold all of my oils/marinades (I’m pretty sure I got the wire basket at Target but I’ve had it for ages).


Also, I ordered jars to make a spice set the way I really wanted it.  I should have taken a before picture (because it was a disaster) but I’ll post the after instead, so I look incredibly OCD and legit.  I got the idea from Smitten Kitchen, here.  I got the mailing labels and jars on Amazon and went to work.

Sadly, I didn’t realize that one dozen jars wouldn’t be enough and had to order a separate order of another dozen (doh!)…so I would highlyyyy recommend counting how many spice jars you will need before placing your order! I also accidentally ordered white mailing labels instead of clear first, and then had to go to Staples to get the right ones.  It’s not the end of the world because I can use the white ones for letters but still, kind of a pain…so make sure you order the right ones (I’ve linked you to the right ones on Amazon but they are available at Staples too and probably Office Max etc.).
Do as I say, not as I do (clearly…because if you do what I do, you will probably want to stab your eyes out).

The bottom right 6 spices are from Williams-Sonoma and when you buy 6 spices you get the wooden caddy for free!  On the left, the spices are stacked on these little shelf stairs, which you can find on Amazon, here.

I also got those little plastic bins for rice packets and pasta stuff (ignore that there is chicken broth in there for now please hehe)… The bins are from World Market but can’t find them online so maybe it was just in my store, but I’m sure other places have similar things.  I got those labels for Pasta and Rice at the House of Smiths Shop.




5.  Totally unrelated… this really just makes me laugh.  Every.single.time.  I can’t get enough.  It makes my leap year, and pretty much every day of my life, amazing.  I had to share it in case you hadn’t seen it yet.  I found it on pinterest.

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