Remember when THIS happened? this is what happened next…

Remember when THIS happened??8256417_orig

And THIS had already happened in preparation for that?255882_orig

Well THIS is what happened next!:


okay, okay, it didn’t QUITE happen just like that…  First, I took some pictures and videos because HELLO, I’m obsessed with my mixer!


And then I made THIS cake by Smitten Kitchen.   I changed the icing quite a bit to get the consistency I wanted but I didn’t write it down (sorry!)… her recipe is amazing so don’t hesitate to use it!

THIS is me making the icing:

8196131  694416




and THIS is me making the layers, putting them together and ending up with a final product!258194 5459073retirement cake

okay one last picture because I love instagram (in case you didn’t already know)retirement cake

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