A Pie for Mikey

3239959I am oftentimes amazed at the ability of social networks to bring people together.  Just a few months ago I decided to launch this blog and join twitter.  I discovered not only a slew of amazing food blogs to drool over but also some incredible twitter friends.   You may laugh at my usage of “friends” but that’s what they feel like to me.  When my grandmother passed away, I had countless tweets with kind words and the same was true when I took the bar exam.  I received at least as many “good luck” tweets as I did real life comments.

Today, food bloggers around the world are gathering together to make Peanut Butter Pies.  Why?  Because one of our own has suffered a tremendous loss.  While I do not personally know Jennifer (Jennie) Perillo, I follow her blog, In Jennie’s Kitchen in my RSS feed and therefore, I feel as if I know her in a way.  We are connected, even if through a love of food.  This past week, Jennie suffered a kind of loss I don’t even want to imagine.  Her husband passed away suddenly of a heart attack.  Jennie posted a beautiful video of him dancing with his daughter, and you can just see what kind of a man he is.  He reminded me of my father in that video…the one who adores his daughters.  

1941925When this happened to Jennie, the whole community came forward asking what they could do.  What we could do was simple… make a pie for Mikey.  Sometimes it’s the simple acts of love that make the difference.  Today I made mine.  Although Jennie doesn’t know me, I hope she can feel the enormous amount of love coming from the food community to her today.

I am bringing the pie to my dad’s blood drive on Sunday.  He hosts blood drives at our church and he always expresses how important they are because they could “save a life”.  I will provide the pie for people to get their blood sugar back up after donating (apparently that’s a good thing!).  Jennie, you are in our thoughts and prayers <3

Update:  I brought the pie to my dad’s blood drive and it was a huge success!  Everyone who tried it enjoyed it with the ones they love <3

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