Fee Simple Absolut Cocktail



Well, the bar exam is finally done!  I finished it…and survived.  Hopefully I passed and will never have to deal with it again.  It was extremely difficult and the entire process was pretty grueling.  I came home and decided to make a cocktail, as promised in my last post.  This cocktail was so light and refreshing but needed a fun name.  I know I’m done with the bar, but does that mean I have to stop making dumb law school jokes and puns? NO? Fantastic!




Many people have probably not had the *pleasure* of having to work with future interests, a miserable subject in property law that makes most 1Ls hate their lives, question why they went to law school, and thank the heavens they don’t ever have to see it again… until the bar exam.  I secretly liked them when I was a 1L….I know, something’s wrong with me…

I know this is a food blog and not a law school class, and I won’t go into all of the knitty-gritty details of the different types of estates.  I will tell you, however, where this precious cocktail gets its name from, in case you aren’t a law student, recent law graduate, lawyer, law professor, or someone else who happens to speak legalese:

A Fee Simple Absolute is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as “An estate of indefinite or potentially infinite duration.”  So an example would be, if my mom left a will or deeded me her land saying, “I give my land to Lynn and her heirs”.  Basically, I don’t have to ever give up that land, no matter how I decide to use the land or what I decide to build on it, and the rights in the land don’t end at my death.  It’s basically what most people think of when they think of people buying, selling, or devising property.  Are you asleep yet?  Do you hate me for imparting this knowledge on you, unsolicited?  Are you ready for a drink now?  Okay, well here it is… MY version of a Fee Simple Absolut (no “e” on this one!)…





The Elements:
1 shot (approx. 1.5 oz.) of Absolut Vodka (doesn’t have to be Absolut, it just goes better with the name)
8 oz sparkling lemonade (I used Lorina, pictured)
a small handful of fresh blueberries
a few strips of lemon zest




Since this is called the Fee Simple Absolut, I will make it as simple as possible.  Pour the vodka into a glass filled with ice, pour in sparkling lemonade, put blueberries in and then add lemon zest.  Mix with a spoon.

The Verdict:
Well, at least I can drown my sorrows that the test is over.  I’m sure everyone has their complaints… besides it being difficult… the talking proctors and pencil sharpeners that sounded like meat grinders, for example.  While most people pass, a lot of people do not pass and there is a possibility that I won’t (hopefully that will NOT be the case!)  This is quite a strong drink (either that or my tolerance is pathetically low after pretty much 8 weeks of total sobriety).  You can make it less alcoholic by adding more sparking lemonade or ice.  This drink was so simple to make and completely refreshing, the perfect thing after a hot day, two days of tests, or just a long day where you want to kick back with some TV or a book.  Below is what occurs when you make a second one after the blueberries have been seeping while you drink your first one!  Please enjoy and let me know how you like your Fee Simple Absolut!


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