Frozen Nutella-Encrusted Bananas

Frozen Nutella Encrusted Bananas

Hey guys…just a quick post for you tonight.  I posted a picture on facebook and twitter earlier about these adorable little nuggets of deliciousness and have received a few  tweets and instagram comments requesting the recipe.  Truth be told, I wasn’t really going to post this recipe because it is so simple that I didn’t really think it worthy of the food-blog-world that normally intrigues me beyond belief with the creativity that exists amongst those people.  But since you asked… of course I will share! :)

I only have one picture because, like I said, I wasn’t really planning on making this a post…and even if I was, I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of it because it looked incredibly, ummm phallic (don’t know if that’s even how you spell it, all I know is it is not appropriate) (actually it IS appropriate because I am studying “obscenity” and free speech for the bar exam…yawn, I know).

Anywayyyy!  All you do is take your elements and follow a few simple steps!

The Elements:
1 banana (you can use as many as you like obviously, this recipe only used one)
1 skewer (obviously more if you use more than one banana)
1/4 cup melted nutella (I microwaved it for 30 seconds)
Cane Sugar (the crystal-looking kind, not granulated–so it really sparkles against the chocolate)
Parchment paper
A freezer ;)

Place the banana on the parchment paper and put the skewer into the banana
Pour the melted nutella over the banana, turning the banana to get an even coat (I also used a spoon to smooth it around every edge)…and then I licked the spoon clean…it’s cool, you can judge me.
Sprinkle with cane sugar…as much as  you want….I didn’t measure…I’m stressed ok? ;)
Place the parchment paper with the banana in the freezer
Let freeze for at least 30 minutes; an hour is probably preferable
Remove from freezer and take out the skewer–this was really easy as the nutella hadn’t frozen around it
Slice the banana into 1 inch chunks (trust me…otherwise you may look slightly perverted… I mean you can picture it…a banana covered in chocolate, I’m pretty sure you know what it looks like…)

The Verdict:  SHARE…one banana was a LOT for me…It tasted good at the time and my little stressed out body felt great eating it but now, a couple hours later I feel pretty hefty.  I would recommend either sharing this or simply taking some of the frozen chunks and putting them in a ziplock bag or some other storage container and keeping them in the freezer until you want to eat them again (you WILL want to eat them again…trust me)

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