Graduation from Law School!

YES! I have officially graduated from law school! I am SO excited to be finished with law school…unfortunately that means, BAR PREP!!! AGH studying for the bar exam is upon us.  Today, I had my first day of BarBri and we covered Torts and Criminal Law (check out the “about” section of the blog to see how I feel about torts).  I am really crazed and busy at this point because Bar prep has started, however, I will share some pictures from graduation (both of food and of general graduation amazingness).  You can click on each picture to get a description of what they are!  Thanks for all of your support!!!

For those who are curious, I made the grad cap cupcakes by making simple yellow cake  cupcakes topped with vanilla icing and a Lindt chocolate square (I used different variations of dark chocolates: 85%, 70%, 60%, and the dark chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt, which by the way is absolutely delicious and tastes incredible by itself).  Then used a little tinted icing to make the tassles.

The graduation cap on the UNC Carolina Blue cake is made from halved blueberries and has a layer of warm seedless raspberry preserves to make the cap shiny.  That was a simple yellow cake with vanilla icing.  Matt’s graduation cake was a simple yellow cake with chocolate icing.

Weigh in as the Jury

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